Thursday, September 19, 2013

Square Folder Anime Icons

Just a little preview

[glow] version

Pack v 1.5

[glowless] version

 Pack v 1.5

What is this?

Here are my Square Anime Folder Icons, in both glow and glowless versions. I originally made these for myself, but then, one day, I happened to post some of the 20-ish I had made at the time on Anime And Manga, and  that made me think that it would be nice to make them public and share them with other anons. 


Icon Matcher (by serenity !29TgfcZgPU) 

The icon matching program matches icons to folders automatically. It's a great tool that saves tons of time, especially if you have a big collection, and I highly recommend using it . The icon matching program was created by serenity !29TgfcZgPU so all thanks goes to that individual.

Manually Applying Icons

You can also individually match those icons that aren't matched by the program.
In Windows: Right click > Properties > Customize > Bottom of the section, Folder Icons [Change Icon] > Browse to folder with anime icons > Select icon.


If there are any missing (there's probably lots), feel free to request them and I will get them done for the next pack. If there's anything wrong with the icons (like misspelled names, or glow and glowless versions are inverted) or their quality isn't up to par, feel free to tell me and I'll get right on it. Check back every few weeks or when you need new icons and this page will be updated with the newest ones.  

If an icon doesn't automatically match or you cannot find it, please try searching for the alternate title inside the pack's folder before asking.

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