Friday, December 20, 2013

December 20th Extension

 Hey fellas

Just finished uploading the latest new batch of icons! Get them while they're hot! Or get them when they have cooled down, it doesn't make a difference really...

December 20th Extension [Glow]
December 20th Extension [Glowless]

As always, this extension includes all the icons that were requested since the last one. Plus, with this I am done with the winter shows (except for Strange+, which I'll add as soon as I find decent pics to use). Hell, I even started working on the spring 2014 ones. 

I'm sure some icons don't look very good (especially ones for older shows, or those for which I had to remove/redraw stuff, I'm not really good with that kinda thing), so if you're not satisfied with them, please let me know and I'll try my best to make better-looking ones.

R E Q U E S T !! R E Q U E S T !! R E Q U E S T !! R E Q U E S T !! R E Q U E S T !! R E Q U E S T !! R E Q U E S T !! R E Q U E S T !!