Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Square Manga Folder Icon Pack + Some news

It's been a long wait, but I'm finally ready to release the first batch of Manga Icons

I'll take this occasion to try out a new method to upload the icons, which is by using Google Drive.

The folder is HERE
I'll upload the next batches in sub-folders, so that one can look inside and check if the icons he needs are there before downloading. I might share my username and password for the drive in the future, so that anyone can batch download icons and whole folders (I trust you wouldn't use it in improper ways, now would you, dear a/nons?).

If the reaction to this new method is good, I'll switch with the Anime Icons as well.

You might notice that some icons don't look as good as others but, as I said before, sometimes it's not possible (with my Ps skills at least), to remove stuff like VL#, artist/author, etc. If you ask for a particular icon to be reade, however, I'll try harder, so request all you want!