Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SAFIP - April 8th Extension

That didn't take long, now, did it?

Square Anime Folder Icons
 This extension includes all the shows that were requested in the last thread/in the comments.

Also, I'd like to address the matters that various anons brought up in the last thread:

>Could you possibly make alternate icons for One Piece and Naruto
>Can you make two of those text icons that says 'Movies' and 'TV Shows'
Done, check in this extension (Naruto already had one in the March 28th one).

>Ever considered making /tv/ icons? It feels weird one folder looking fancy and the other not so much.
>Also any LoGH Alts would be greatly appreciated.

I once tried going to /tv/ to see if they were interested. They greeted me insulting my shit taste and asking me to make icons for all the movies on their charts. So, for the moment that chapter is closed. If you have requests, though, I can try!
As for LoGH, if you have any particular image you'd like me to use, I'd be more than happy to comply.

>Here are some requests for manga icons [...]
Done, check in the Manga Icons General folder   (look for the archives named 105011354.zip in the Glow and Glowless subfolders).


  1. Apr08 Ext. [Glowless] .Zip Archive seems to be broken.
    Could you fix that?^^

  2. This is the anon who made that fuckhuge list in the comments. Thanks a bunch for such a timely release of every icon I requested. For the first time, my backlog folder is fully icon'd

    1. It was a lot of fun making them, so all is well!
      I f you ever have more requests, do not hold back!

  3. Requests:
    Romantica Clock
    Castles in the air: On your mark

  4. I don't know if I'm just oblivious or something, but I don't see a icon in the manga folders that just says "Manga".
    Do you think you can make one if you haven't already?

    1. Also, I couldn't find a icon for the YuruYuri manga, Ohmuro ke, nor YuYuShiki.

    2. Ok, I made the icons.
      I'll be releasing an extension for the Manga Pack in the next couple of days so wait just a bit more.

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  6. can u upload icons for corpse princess 1 and 2 season

    1. You can find both in the pack v3, under the jap titles ("Shikabane hime" and "Shikabane hime Kuro" respectively).

  7. can u upload icons for Atelier Escha Logy and Dragon Ball Kai (2014)

  8. Hey man. I've been downloading all your recent releases but I must've missed something. Are there already icons for last season? Witch Craft works, Wizard Barrister, hamatora, imocho, inari konkon, nobunagun, aaaand mikakunin. Of all the things I've downloaded the only icons I had luck with were sekai seifuku and noragami.

    PS. I think I'\m missing Master of Martial hearts too. It isn't in the old ones.

    1. Yes, I made all of those you mentioned.
      To get ALL the icons, you should download all the zip archives from the Pack v3 to the latest extension. You'll find then in the "All the Links" page.