Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SAFIP + SMFIP - August Extension

UPDATE (25.08): Added some icons to both packs (a couple of alts plus the ones that were requested in the last thread).


Sorry I took so long guys.

These extensions include respectively:
  • All the requests that were made in the last month or so + all the Fall, Winter and TBA anime I could find images for + a couple of alts of Summer shows (SAFIP)
  • (Almost) All the requests that were made in the last month or so + a couple of other (SMFIP)
Get the extensions here:
Square Anime Folder Icons

 August Ext. [Glow] Drive Folder .Zip Archive

 August Ext. [Glowless] Drive Folder .Zip Archive

 Square Manga Folder Icon

August Ext. [Glow] Drive Folder .Zip Archive

August Ext. [Glowless] Drive Folder .Zip Archive

Also, I'm moving forward (still) with moving everything to MEGA and uploading the ultimate packs I'll keep updated in the future. Just saying, I didn't forget, it's just it's taking forever to upload all those icons. We're getting there, though.

I'll have to ask again though: if you think your upload speed is decent and you're willing to help, please do the following:

1. Download the base pack v3 [Glow or Glowless] + all the extensions (the same goes for the manga pack) if you haven't already
2. Put all the icons in a single folder (name it "SAFIP Ultimate [Glow (or Glowless)]" or "SMFIP  [Glow (or Glowless)]") and zip it
3. Log in to MEGA with these credentials
  • username: squarefoldericons@gmail.com
  • password: squarefoldericons2014
4. Finally, go to either the Square Anime Icons or the Square Manga Icons folder's glow or glowless (depending on which pack you want to upload) subfolder and upload the zip file there

I would suggest those who are going to do this to please state in the comments which pack they're going to upload to avoid doubles (since this is not /v/).

I know this is asking a lot and I'm not expecting anything but I'll be really grateful to anyone who decides to help.

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