Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SAFIP - October Extension

UPDATE (10.23): Updated the Anime Ext. with the latest requests and some alt icons for Fall shows (which I'll add to the Fall pack in due time).


UPDATE (10.09): Updated the Anime ext. with the latest requeests (mostly some Fall shows I missed).


Happy Bday to that shithole we all love!
Let's go straight to the point: here are the extension s for the month of October.
Square Anime Folder Icons
They add mostly only Fall 2014 anime. Speaking of which, I also made the Fall 2014 packs so get those too if you want to. They still lack some shows and I'll be adding them as I make them so check back every now and then!
 If you have requests, I'm here for you (though I won't have as much time in these coming months because of uni). If you requested something and I didn't comply, please re-request it! Sometimes I just forget some stuff.