Tuesday, May 19, 2015

SAFIP - (Late) May 2015 Ext.

Hey folks, how you doin'?
Here's the first new Ext. for the Anime pack after the reupload. 

 Square Anime Folder Icons
Anyway, this ext. includes the recent requests, some upcoming shows and a number of fixes to some inconsistencies between [Glow] and [Glowless]. Some of you might have already noticed this, but because of some errors on my part (mainly misspelling and forgetting to save both version of some icons) the Glow and Glowless version don't have the same amount of icons. 

I have already tracked down most of these and I will fix them in the coming months through the usual Extensions. 

I've been told many times that the Manga pack is lacking, and I feel that's true. So if you have any request, or if you think there are some manga that aren't covered, even if you don't need them, please tell me and I'll make icons for them. 
At this point it's your requests that keep the Extensions coming so if you don't request stuff I won't have anything to release.