Friday, May 5, 2017

We're not dead (yet)

Hey, guys. Sorry about the long absence. 
I was never really gone, but I have been busy for some time with some RL stuff. I've actually had the icons for last month's extension ready for a while but didn't have time to finalize the packs and make the post. Not to mention that said extensions were composed of just a handful of manga icons.
Anyway, with my PC breaking down last week, I won't be able to personally release the Ext. soon, but I will leave this to Greybaum in the next few days. Hopefully I'll get my new PC soon-ish, and with that I'll be back to work on the icons.

As a final note, I would like to remind you that right now this project is basically centered around upcoming/ongoing shows and requests from you. So if you have requests for older shows, movies, OVAs, manga, etc. don't hesitate to ask, because otherwise we won't have any material to build our future Extensions on. 

tl;dr We're not dead, but we don't have anything new to share right now. In the mean time, requests are still welcome!


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  2. Long list incoming thanks in advance

    Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite
    Chokkyuu Hyoudai Robot Anime-Straight Title
    Doki Doki School Hours
    Rikujou Bouei-tai Mao-chan
    Hantsu x Trash
    Honoo no Labyrinth
    Joshikousei: Girl's High
    Kare Baka Wagahai no Kare wa Baka de R
    Kurage no Shokudou
    Mahou Tsukai Nara Miso wo Kue
    Mizuiro (2003)
    Natsuiro no Sunadokei
    Overlord Ple Ple Pleiades
    Persona 5 The Animation - The Day Breakers
    Robo to Shoujo (Kari)
    Shichinin no Nana
    Shisha no Teikoku
    Zonmi-chan Meat Pie of the Dead

  3. Hey, some new anime icons requests:
    >Chain Chronicle - Short Animation
    >Koro-sensei Quest!
    >Nanbaka (2017)
    >Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel
    >Sengoku Choujuu Giga: Otsu
    >Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan
    >Tales of Zestiria the X 2nd Season
    >Time Bokan 24
    Remember that you're doing god's work, anon. Thank you for that.

  4. Your Icons make everything looks so nice, Thank you. Just a Few Toku shows.

    Kamen Rider Amazons (new show from amazon)
    Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger (Super Sentai)
    Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger (SUper Sentai)