Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23rd Extension

Back again, with some more new icons!
You'll find all the ones you see in the pic, and even more.

October 23rd Extension [Glow]
October 23rd Extension [Glowless]

As you see from the pic, I decide to rename the updates to the pack to "extensions", because the previous name created some confusion in the past.

I'll repeat again, if you need an icon made, please request it here!
Or if you think an icon is not well-made enough, let me know! I can always make better ones if I work hard! 
Even if you want to request 100 icons at once, I don't mind, so spit'em out!

If you plan on making your own icons with the .psd file file, and want to share them, please do so! But first, be sure to read the FAQs (tl;dr if you do upload icons, please do so with the glowless version if not both, so that I can later add the glow myself an add them to both versions of the pack).

Why the hell does no one ever comment any post?

Ps. would it be to shitty if I used links here, as a way to make some money? You wouldn't pay a $, anyway....