Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12th Extension

Here's another update to the icon packs:

[Glow] version
[Glowless] version

This update includes the requests that were made here, in the mf folder, and in the last thread. It also includes the kind contribution made by waggaagw.

The plan to re-upload the whole packs as single zip files with all the 1460 icons up until now is still in progress, but it's delayed because my up speed is pretty shitty, and the .zips weigh about 350 mb each.

Another thing: should I make big updates (100-150 icons) every week or so (or when I get to those numbers), or smaller updates, everytime I make some?

Finally, I'm thinking of changing the names of these updates, from "update" to "extension" or "addon", to avoid confusion. I wanna know your opinion about this, so comment and express yourself with this poll.

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