Monday, November 18, 2013

Some news

Were you expecting some new icons?

Too bad!
It's just me, the square folder icon anon, with some small news about the packs!

  • I'll be uploading the latest extension to the pack in the next few days. 
  • Said extension includes icons for shows that were requested in the last few days, the naruto and OP movies ones, plus many alt versions of shows I already covered. 
  • I also decided to make some icons for animation studios (like kyoani, gainax, shaft, etc.). Do you think they could be useful? I don't care anyway, since I already made them. I'll say now, though, that some of these icons look pretty bad, because I can't find good-looking pics of the company logos.
  • Finally, I'll be uploading a full pack with every icon up until now. While I won't force you to, i highly suggest you replace your pack with this one, because I did a major spellcheck on the names and fixed some missing/ugly icons.
I'll take this occasion to ask again :since I'm running low on icons to make
REQUEST HERE icons or alt versions!!