Thursday, November 21, 2013

Square Folder Icon Pack V 2.0 + November 21st Extension


It literally took hours to upload them, but it was worth it

72 days have passed since I uploaded the first version of the Square Folder Pack. 
Now the packs count more than 1900 icons each.

As I already mentioned in the last post, this pack is a highly suggested download for all of you, because I fixed some naming errors, re-made some not-so-good looking icons, among other things. As usual, I also added some 160 new icons, which include the requests made in the last few days, a couple more winter shows, many alternate versions (made with powerlevel-hiding images) and, most importantly, icons for animation studios.
You'll find them here: 

Full Pack version 2.0 [Glow]
Full Pack version 2.0 [Glowless]

since I know many of you aren't that eager to redownload everything (especially since the full packs weigh about 350 MB each), you can get only the latest extension:

November 21st Extension [Glow]
November 21st Extension [Glowless]

I'm already working on some requests that didn't make it in this pack, but please keep asking for icons if you're still missing any, or if you think an icon looks bad, or you want an alt version (in this case please specify what you want on it [ie. characters, scenes, pairings, whatever]).

For those who use the mediafire folder, I moved all the extensions + the pack v1.5 to the "Older Files" folder.