Saturday, March 15, 2014

Square Anime Folder Icon Pack v3 + Square Manga Folder Icon Pack v1 + Last batch of news (I hope)

Ok, from the last thread I made I got some pretty negative feedback on the whole Google Drive matter.
That's why, I tried another method, still using the Drive (it's just much more convenient for me to use, too bad Google haters):
  1. I'll use my personal Google Account, because constantly logging out this one and logging in mine whenever I have to check my mail or post here is a real hassle. If you want, you can give me your gmail account, and I'll add you to the owners of the Drive (you can trust me, I wouldn't do anything with your e-mail, and I'll delete it from here so that no one else knows about it). Then again, I won't force anyone to do so.
  2. I'll upload to the Drive folders the newest extension both as subfolders AND IN .ZIP FORMAT
  3. I'll post here the links for BOTH THE SUBFOLDERS AND THE .ZIP ARCHIVES.
  4. If anyone requests some icons, I'll upload them directly in the root folder and post the link in the replies. Then ,when a new extension is out, I'll move them to the proper subfolder.
This way, I think, who wants to batch dl a new extension can do so in 1 click, and who wants to download only the single icons can do so just as well (although you won't be able to batch download many icons, you can just dl one after another).  

tl;dr, here are the links:

Square Anime Folder Icons

Square Manga Folder Icon 
So, what do you think about this? The .zip archives would work the same as they did before with mediafire, the only thing that would change would be that uploading them will be much easier.

Edit: I also updated the All the Links page with all the new links, included the ones to the general folders and the one fopr the png versions of the icons, go take a look!!