Monday, March 3, 2014

Square Manga Icon Pack Second Batch + Square Anime Icon Pack Mini Batch

I've been away way too much!
Now I'm back with about 150 new manga icons, and 20+ anime icons. 

The updates include all the manga that have been requested (if I forgot any, sorry,and please tell me and I'll get to it!) and some other spring anime respectively. I also uploaded the base .psd files to the Google Drive folders.
You'll find the new icons in the Google Drive folders I posted about in the last post, but I'll probably add the links plus the access data to the "All the Links" page too.

Also, I prepared a couple of polls to know your opinions about some stuff:

Are you ok with using Google Drive for the icons? 

How should I release the next extensions/batches?

How should I organize the files in the Google Drive folders? 

Finally, 2 requests on my part:
1. Keep requesting new icons or alt. versions, especially for manga since I just got started with those.
2. If anyone is willing to participate in the Square Folder Icon Project (again, especially for manga, since there a lot of those), you can add me on Skype (look for live:nintendino). 

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