Saturday, April 26, 2014

SAFIP - April 26th Extension + New Text Icons Preview

Here we go again!
This new extension includes all the icons requested in the last week or so, plus some alt versions of shows I already covered, the Dragon Ball movies, every Summer 2014 show I could make icons for (I swear making the Free s2 icon took me like 2 hours, though that's partially my fault since I had to redo it from scratch at one point...) and some Fall shows.

Square Anime Folder Icons
On another note, I've been thinking for some time about re-making all the text icons (of course, not in place of the existing ones, but as alt versions) in a more stylish manner. Here's what I'm working on at the moment. I'll re-make them in various colors (maybe even a "lite" version), and like the rest of the icons, in both [glow] and [glowless] versions. 

Now I need your feedback: what do you think about all this?
Should I go on with this?
Should I change anything before I make them all with the same template? 
If you have any particular complaint or suggestion (like getting rid of the italic, stuff like that), please state it here in the comments. Of course you can also request new shows/manga/text icons.