Thursday, May 8, 2014

SAFIP + SMFIP - May 7th Extesions + an update on the Text Icons revision

Am I late?
The Anime Ext. includes the shows requested in the last two weeks, plus some alt versions of already covered shows (like Free Eternal Summer);
The Manga Ext. includes the manga requested here in the comments, plus some other random manga. I also fixed some inconsistencies (like missing icons from either of the [glow] or [glowless] packs).

Square Anime Folder Icons
 Square Manga Folder Icon 
Nothing much to add, except KEEP REQUESTING STUFF otherwise I won't be able to keep releasing extensions. I can't be arsed to make icons of every single anime/manga there is (yes, I'm lazy) but if you need I will obviously.

I'm thinking about making ultimate packs with all the icons released, which I'll keep updated by adding the new icons to the same zip files. Basically, once a new extension is released, I'd post the links for the extension itself AND for the updated ultimate pack. This way, if someone finds out about the packs now, they'll only have to download one file (this way you won't risk missing an extension and then harass me about missing icons that aren't missing oh who am I kidding, keep harassing me I love it <3). Whaddya think? 

Finally, I'm almost done with the new text-icons. For now I made 3 colors and light/dark variations. I removed gradients and glows to make it easier for me to batch make them. If you want other color variations, tell me right away. I'll probably release them as a separate pack since many anons are content with the old styled icons, and I don't want to force them to dl stuff they don't need.