Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SAFIP - May 17th Extension + New Text Icon Set

This extension brings all the shows/specials, etc. that were requested plus a couple more Summer shows (I'm getting ready to release the Summer 2014 archives v0.9, I'll probably add the links to this post when I'm done). Here are the links:

Square Anime Folder Icons
On another note, I (almost) finished working on the new text icons. For now the colors available are RED, GREEN, BLUE and GREY (more colors and the light versions Coming soon).
You can get them here:

NEW text icons

From now on if there are requests for text icons I'll update both the old styled ones and these (in this case, I'll update the zip files themselves so you'll have to re-download them). I might consider adding them to the main pack if enough people agree. If you have requests for more colors, etc. just hit me up!

Finally, as I said in the last post, I'll be putting online the ultimate packs with all the icons which I'll keep updated each time a new extension comes out. This way it'll be easier to get every single icon. I plan on doing this as soon as I can but as some of you may know my upload speed is pretty shit so it may take a while. I think it'll be worth it though.

Oh, and remember to REQUEST whatever show/manga comes to your mind!