Friday, June 6, 2014

SAFIP - June 1st Extension + Summer 2014

Sorry for the delay everyone!

This extension adds many of the Summer, Fall and TBA shows plus all of the icons requested till now (for the requests of the last couple of days, I'll add the icons to this ext. as soon as I make them so be sure to check back, when this text will be crossed out, it will mean I added them):

Square Anime Folder Icons 
I'm also done with the Summer 2014 packs (zip archives soon): 
Finally, I'm almost done with the "ultimate packs", as in I uploaded one of two archives, I hope to get the second one up soon enough so I can post the links here too. I'm also trying to make a template psd for the new text icons, but it's not that easy with all those colors and variations. I swear I'm gonna make it, sooner or later.

Till next time, bye-bee!