Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bad News

Hey guys. 
As some of you noticed, the MEGA links are kill
The reason being, MEGA decided it would be a good idea to just wipe out everything I had uploaded. Yeah. 

I have no clue as to why this happened though.

No worries though, as I still have everything saved on my PC. 
The problem is, re-uploading everything will take some a fuckton of time. 
I'm really sorry for all of this and hope you'll bear with me.

Obviously as soon as I'm done I'll be posting the new working links for everything, but I must have you know it will take a while before everything will be up and running again.

IF you ever feel like giving a hand, here's what you can do:

If you think you have all the icons in the pack (should be 3898 for Anime, and 938 for Manga) and a good upload speed, won't you please put them all in a single zip file and upload them to the MEGA folder for the project?

1. Download the ultimate pack already present [Glow or Glowless] + all the extensions (the same goes for the manga pack) if you haven't already
2. Put all the icons in a single folder (name it "SAFIP Ultimate [Glow (or Glowless)]" or "SMFIP  [Glow (or Glowless)]") and zip it
3. Log in to MEGA with these credentials
  • username: squarefoldericons@gmail.com
  • password: squarefoldericons2015 the new password is squarefoldericons4ever
4. Finally, go to either the Square Anime Icons or the Square Manga Icons folder's glow or glowless (depending on which pack you want to upload) subfolder and upload the zip file there
 If you do, I'd be extremely grateful. Of course, I'm really sorry I have to ask you to do this, but unfortunately I can't find another solution. I hope you'll understand. 
Since the Ultimate packs are the biggest files (and the most useful) to upload, you'd be really taking a big load off my back (and my modem).

Again, I'm really really sorry.