Saturday, August 22, 2015

SAFIP + SMFIP - (Late) August 2015 Ext.

 UPDATE(08.31): I'm adding the Cartoon Icon Minipack that one anon requested in the last thread. Square Cartoon Folder Icons
  • Minipack 01 [Glow] (08.2015)  Zip
  • Minipack 01 [Glowless] (08.2015)  Zip
As I said at the time, I'm not contrary to making icons for things that aren't anime or manga but since it's not my main purpose I will be only doing them on requests and only if it's not hundreds of them at a time (I'm already struggling to make the icons requested every month!). To respond to one other anon, this includes Visual Novels and Light Novels as well. So, ask away!


Sorry as always for being late guys.
As per usual, I bring you the icons I made based on the latest requests I received, both anime and manga. 

Square Anime Folder Icons
Square Manga Folder Icons
Oh and tell me if I forgot to make something you asked for, I've been pretty out of it lately so while I did read every comment I might have forgotten to actually make the icons requested. In which case you should ask again. Thanks for your patience.

It's been a long time since I made the first thread on /a/ about these icons. I wonder how many of you were there at the time. It's been (and still is) lots of fun making these icons and I hope you'll follow me and support me in the future as well.


While I'm here I'll use the occasion to make a couple of announcements since this kind of is my blog.

First, since after searching for years for a subbed version of the Medarot anime with no success I decided to sub the thing myself (I'm majoring in Japanese after all). 
Not sure how long it will take since I also have other things going on (mainly watching anime) but I'll try my best to upload everything I do as soon as I do it. Maybe here, maybe somewhere else. 
Also since I'm technically not a native anglophone if you guys could check out my translations it would be great.

Second, hoping not to sound too much of a shill, I've opened a store on Redbubble sometime ago, check it out if you ever feel like it. I mainly make shirts (and other stuff) based on subtle anime/manga/video game references, the kind of reference you see in the "hide your power level"
 threads. So if you're into that kind of thing, I think you might find something you like. I'm also open to requests as long as it's something minimal and easy to vectorize.

Again, I don't wanna use this place to shill my shit but I thought I'd mention it since some of you might be looking for something like what I'm making. Anyway if you don't like seeing this kind of stuff here just say so in the comments and maybe vote here and I'll delete this part of the post. That said, this will probably be the only time I talk about this anyway.

tl;dr new icons, get them!


  1. Hi! Could you make an icon for Hinata no Aoshigure? Thanks in advance, you're doing great o/

  2. Hey. Could you make an icon for Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV - Zennin Shibou Death (the Virtue's Last Reward ONA by Gonzo)?
    Thanks again for all your work. Also, I like subtle animu t-shirts but I can only imagine how much it'd cost to ship those from Italy to Canada, so...

    1. I guess you already saw the VLR icon in the nee ext.

      As for the shirts, don't worry. But just so you now Redbubble is an American site and the shirts are printed and shipped from there (or Uk for Europe) so you shouldn't pay that much for shipping. Just sayan.
      There's a lot of good stuff there apart from mine s you should check it out!

  3. Just read the "this includes Visual Novels and Light Novels as well. So, ask away!" part of your update.
    Well then, I'd appreciate if you could do icons for the following VNs:
    >F/SN (
    >Imouto Paradise (
    >Katawa Shoujo (
    >Saya no Uta (
    >Deus Machina Demonbane (

    Thanks in advance!