Friday, September 11, 2015

SAFIP - 09.2015 Extension

Small update on the Medarot subs: I uploaded the first two eps on nyaa. 
You can find them here:
Ep 1
Ep 2

Now I'm in a bit of a bind because I'm not sure where to go next with this project. 
Do I make a second blog for this project? Do I ask some other sub group to take me under their name? I dunno. I'll keep you updated as soon as I get my answer.

Anyway for now you should find my torrents on nyaa if you look for SFIAS (Square Folder Icon Anon Subs) though that might change too in the future.

  Not much to say this time.

Square Anime Folder Icons
  • Ext. [Glow] (09.2015)  Zip
  • Ext. [Glowless] (09.2015)  Zip
Actually I have something to say. 
For those two or three who read my last post you might remember I said I was going to sub Medarot. Well I recently finished doing the first episode and need people to try it to tell me if it's good enough and if there's anything to fix. 

 Medarot 01 Video Subs

I'm already aware of some timings to fix slightly and some bad wordings, as I said I'm not a native English speaker. 
If you have comments you can tell me here or hit me up at, I'd be really happy to receive feedback before I go on.