Monday, November 2, 2015

New extensions NOW!

 UPDATE (08.11): Here they are. Sorry for the delay, guys. 

If I still missed some requests, first of all forgive me, but ask again and I'll get to it (except for a couple of manga that I couldn't manage to make or because no volume cover or because said cover was too hard to fit into a square without chopping off half of the logo).
I'm still open for requests but know I might be a little slow to do them as exams are getting closer everyday.

Square Anime Folder Icons
  • Ext. [Glow] (11.2015)  Zip
  • Ext. [Glowless] (11.2015)  Zip
Square Manga Folder Icons
  • Ext. [Glow] (11.2015)  Zip
  • Ext. [Glowless] (11.2015)  Zip

I guess in the next month or two I'll start working on an updated version of the Ultimate packs and maybe upload them in torrent format as well since I think that would be plenty helpful to many. 

A couple of notes: 
I suggest you look for alternative names when you don't find an icon for a certain show because it often happens that a show (or manga) is there but under a different name. 

Also, would anyone be interested in some sort of tutorial on how to make these? 
I do enjoy making icons but I think sometimes it can be easier to make them yourselves than to ask me and wait for me to comply. Just a thought. 
As it's been said many times, most of these are really easy to do as long as you have Photoshop or Gimp.


Hey guys, sorry. No new icons yet. 

Just wanted to reassure you, I'm not dead and I'm not ignoring your requests. I've been quite busy with subbing Medarot, university, and going through my backlog. 

I'll be making all the icons I can this week and update this post with the links when I'm done. So if you have any, shoot all your requests now so I'll make them all at once.

Thanks for your patience.