Sunday, December 6, 2015

SAFIP + SMFIP - 12.2015 Extensions

Winter is coming...
New extensions, y'all. 
Mainly requests, winter shows, and a lot of Lupin III.

Square Anime Folder Icons
  • Ext. [Glow] (12.2015)  Zip
  • Ext. [Glowless] (12.2015)  Zip
Square Manga Folder Icons
  • Ext. [Glow] (12.2015)  Zip
  • Ext. [Glowless] (12.2015)  Zip
A couple of side notes: 
I'll be releasing the Winter packs in the next few days. 
I completely forgot to make the tutorial, but I'll try to have it done by next month.
I'm working to make the new Ultimate packs and upload them both on MEGA and by torrent. I hope to have them ready by the year's end.

If I forgot any requested icons, please tell me. I go through the comments every now and then but I tend to overlook some, and I'm sorry for that.