Thursday, December 31, 2015

SAFIP + SMFIP - 01.2016 Extensions + Anime Ultimate Packs

UPDATE (29.01): Added the latest request to the Manga Extension. Sorry fot the delay.

UPDATE (11.01): Added the requested icons to the January extension and the Winter 2016 packs. Sorry about the missing icons for some ongoing shows. 
Thanks to the anons who contributed via the shared folder on mediafire.

Happy new year anons.

Square Anime Folder Icons
  • Ext. [Glow] (01.2016)  Zip
  • Ext. [Glowless] (01.2016)  Zip
  • Winter 2016 [Glow]  Zip
  • Winter 2016 [Glowless]  Zip
Square Manga Folder Icons
  • Ext. [Glow] (01.2016)  Zip
  • Ext. [Glowless] (01.2016)  Zip
As you can see, these extensions aren't that big, but this time I'm bringing you something more:
Square Anime Folder Icons
  • Ultimate [Glow] (Up to December 2015)  Torrent
  • Ultimate [Glowless] (Up to December 2015)  Torrent
These torrents include every icon I've made up to now (excluding this month's extensions). So if you think you're missing some extensions, I suggest you download this and start over.
In compiling these I noticed some inconsistencies between the two packs, which I'll try to fix in the coming months.

Finally, some of you may have already noticed I added a new page to this blog. Yup, that "How to" you see there is the tutorial on how to make these icons. I hope some of you will find it useful, and of course if you have questions about it I'm here to answer them.  

Of course, requests are always welcome!