Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SAFIP - 04.2016 Extension + Spring 2016 Pack

UPDATE (08.04): Added more icons to Anime Extension and Spring Pack (sorry for the delay). Added Manga Extension.

SMFIP Ext. (04.2016) [Glow] | [Glowless]

Side note:
I see someone has uploaded quite a lot of icons to the MF folder, which I'm really thankful for.
Whoever you are, I have a couple of things I'd like to note if you don't mind:
  •  If you're going to upload so many icons, I would ask you to upload them all together inside a single zip archive because downloading them one at a time is annoying.- I see you have made some of the anime requested by other anons. The problem is that I already made some of those. What I'm trying to say is, if you want to help with anons' requests, I would prefer you told me in advance so that we don't end up making the same icons.
  •  Most importantly, I see that most if not all the icons you've made have the wrong aspect ratio. Instead of stretching the picture to make it fit into the square you should crop it while keeping its original aspect ratio otherwise it will look bad.
Updated the links, added some more icons.

A season ends and a new one begins.

Here is the latest Extension to the Anime pack. It includes most Spring shows (the others are in the earlier extensions) plus some of the latest requests. As you can see, a lot of hentai OVAs here (and a lot more to come in the next weeks). Yay!

SAFIP Ext. (04.2016) [Glow] | [Glowless]

Spring 2016 [Glow] | [Glowless]

As usual, requests are welcome and if you find something wrong with the links, the icons or if you requested something and I didn't comply, do tell me!


  1. Thanks a lot for these!

    Some more from this season that I'd like to see:

    12-Sai: Chiccha na Mune no Tokimeki
    Seisen Cerberus: Ryūkoku no Fatalite
    Anne Happy!
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    1. Can't be bothered to look again but I definitely remember seeing Ace Attorney under the Japanese name. I'd recommend you re-check for most of these using different name variations.

    2. Good Point. I found the last 3 but the first 5 aren't there.

    3. Yeah that's my bad.
      I'm adding them to the packs as I type this. sorry about that.

  2. Need anime icon for Baki the Grappler please

  3. No manga batch this time? :'(
    Another manga request by the way: Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan. Thx.

  4. Ragnastrike Angels
    Bonobono (2016)

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  6. I like to request these icons I'm begging oh pls! oh pls! :)
    -Pride Complex
    -Back to the Highteen
    -Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
    -And (Okazaki Mari)
    -Kimi ni Koishitei desu ka
    -Kawaii Joushi o Komasaretai
    -Takane to Hana

  7. Your packs are becoming more and more lackluster before each season. I've already created the ones missing for the shows I'm watching, check your mediafire storage.

    1. Wow, rude much? Just kidding, sorry about this.
      But Hundred and Anne Happy (under Unhappy) are already in and as for Crane Girls, I added it to the 04.2016 Extensions but apparently forgot to include it in the Spring pack.

    2. Oh and thanks for your contributions of course! I'll include them in the next updates.

  8. Could you re-upload the 11.2015 manga icon packs, please?
    Glowless in particular, since it doesn't seem to be available anymore.
    The glow version is 190 bytes which I assume means something went wrong.

    Thank you.

    1. Sorry about that, I'm not really sure about what happened.
      Here are the updated links:
      [Glow] https://mega.nz/#!gUABDbhI!wJq2-TggOcZpb06NRlULF6hm0sJE2oZwHXhpxM5jl6I
      [Glowless] https://mega.nz/#!sIoB0RYY!KigOZQwCS7fIAJCrsqSihDocX_Cj3yWedK3KuZ4Vs5E

    2. Thank you so much for complying in my manga request folders you're the best dude i hope you don't mind if i request again in the future again i'm very grateful :)

  9. No problem, I see there are a couple more of anime icon blogs but these have the style I like the most.

    You mentioned something about stretching aspect ratio on some icons in your main post, hopefully those aren't mine because I absolutely abhor messing the aspect ratio of an image. I don't see anything wrong in the ones I've made.

    The ones I uploaded from this season are:
    -12-Sai Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki (I made this one today and is one of the icons I've spent most time making, hopefully people will enjoy it)
    -Anne happy
    -Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls
    -mahotsukai precure alt (I uploaded this to your MF some weeks ago but forgot to tell you)
    -And a few more from past seasons.

  10. Another request for CLAMP shit: 20 Mensou ni Onegai!!
    Thanks in advance as always.

  11. Are the icons other people contribute uploaded in your packs or just in the drive?

    1. I usually check them out and if they're good enough I add them to the packs.

  12. Hey there, man! Still doing god's work there. A little suggestion if it's not too much trouble: maybe you can include in a list in the post what titles are in an extension pack? That way it can be searchable (maybe even through google) and people won't have to download every release one by one if they're looking for a specific one. Searching through Mega is a pain too.

  13. Oh, just noticed CCS wasn't in the manga pack, guess I requested it too late for you to notice, so let's do this again: Cardcaptor Sakura (the manga), please.

  14. Another manga request: Ito Junji no Neko Nikki - Yon & Mu, please. Thanks in advance.

  15. Could I throw in a request for KonoSuba, Musaigen no Phantom World, Oshiete! Galko-chan, and Space Patrol Luluco?

    Thanks a million dude, you do incredible work.

  16. Another other request : Tsubasa - RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and xxxHoLic (the manga in both cases). As for Sakura I find it weird they haven't been requested already, but whatever. Thanks in advance as usual.

    1. So sorry about CCS. Truth is I saw your request long before i started making the icons for this month's extension but when I actually opened Photoshop to get to it I forgot abour your request. Forgive me.
      I've been kinda busy with other stuff lately so I'm making the icons you need right now. I'll post the links here as soon as I'm done. Again, sorry.

    2. You really don't need to apologise that much, it's not like we're paying you for doing it or anything. In fact I'm grateful you're taking all these requests.

      While I'm at it, a few new request, on the anime side of things this time:
      - Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte Z
      - Yami Shibai S2
      And if you've got the time, japanese version of the icons for Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte and Lupin III: Cagliostro no Shiro would be much appreciated!

  17. Could you make a manga version of 'Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!', I looked through the Ultimate packs but it didn't seem to be there. Thanks lad.

  18. Hey, can you make one for the Dr. Slump and Arale-Chan anime from 1981?
    Thank you for your hard work!

  19. I only have one request fort this month : the third season of PriPara. Thanks in advance and for your work o/

  20. Another request to put on your plate: icons for
    >Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu.
    >Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (there's an icon but it just shows the manga's cover for the OVAs, not the TV anime artwork)

    1. Oh, and I forgot: Sailor Moon, the manga. Looked for it but, for some reason, the icon doesn't seem to exist.