Wednesday, May 4, 2016

SAFIP + SMFIP - 05.2016 Extensions

UPDATE (18.05): Updated both anime and manga extensions with the latest requests and anon contributions.

Hey there.
Much like last month, the Anime Ext. adds a bunch of hentai OVA icons (still not done with those requests, I'm about halfway through) and the latest requests I recieved. 

I'm thinking of updating the "Ultimate" packs (which I will rename "Complete Packs" since "Ultimate" sounds dumb) in the next couple of months. Unfortunately I haven't been able to fix the inconsistencies between Glow and Glowless but I will try to do something about it eventually.

Also, I have an announcement to make. 
Up until now I've been doing this alone with the exception of the first few months when I had two anons help me and of course the anonymous contributions upladed on the MF shared folder.
The problem is that between my thesis and my subbing work I won't have a lot of time in the next months. 
That's not to say I want to quit this. I will still try to do all I can, but I would like to "recruit" some kind anons to lend me a hand with the icons, someone who can help me with user requests when I'm too busy to comply and in general someone who can make some icon contributions and to keep in touch with to split the load of work. If anyone's interested let me know.