Monday, August 22, 2016

SAFIP + SMFIP 08.2016 Ext. + Fall 2016 Pack

Edit: Apparently 4chan has gotten smarter at detecting blogspot links so I got banned. I'll have to find another way to link the blog when I make the threads there.

I'm (not) dead.
Sorry for the long absence I've been all sorts of busy with either stuff recently.
Anyway, back to the icons:

Anime Icons
SAFIP Ext. (08.2016) [Glow] | [Glowless]
Fall 2016 [Glow] | [Glowless]

Manga Icons
SMFIP Ext. (08.2016) [Glow] | [Glowless]

These extensions include all the latest requests (plus the last part of that huge hentai OVA list from back in March) and most of the Fall season shows.

In addition to this, I'm getting things ready to release the updated version of the 'Ultimate' packs (which I'm renaming to 'Complete'). I'll post both toffent and MEGA links here as soon as they're up.