Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SAFIP + SMFIP - 10.2016 Ext. + Complete Packs Update

UPDATE (09.11): Replaced MEGA links for the complete packs. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you can, please help seeding the torrents too because with my crappy upload speed I can't support them. Thank you. 

UPDATE (02.10): Added torrent links for the Complete Packs. Please try to seed for as long as you can to keep them available.

Sorry for the delay.

All the credits for these extensions go to my pal Greybaum because I haven't had any time to make any icons lately. 

Also, the updated Complete packs for both Anime and Manga are ready. (I will add the torrent links as soon as they're ready)

*Note that these packs don't include this month's Extensions so you should download both to really have the complete collection.


  1. Thank you for your work :) I think you missed WWW.Working on my last request, though :3 Not a big deal anyway, I will wait next month.

  2. Thanks a lot, incredible work as always.
    That said, there were a few things you missed among my hundreds of reqs, so I'll just put them here again:
    >Kaitou Joker 2nd Season, weirdly you did the 3rd but not the 2nd
    >the three Yowamushi Pedal movies: Re:RIDE, Re:ROAD, and, well, The YP Movie / Gekijouban YP
    >Nihon Animator Mihonichi / Japan Animator Expo
    >Arslan Senki (both the 1991 OVA and the recent TV servies)

    Also, you put the Excel Saga icon in the wrong folder (it's in anime instead of manga), and you should probably rename Sailor Moon - Moon Pride.ico as Sailor Moon Crystal.ico, since it's an icon for Crystal anyway (and I can always put Moon Pride in my Crystal folder).
    Thanks again!

    1. Gotcha!
      >Kaitou Joker is fully covered, the second season's icon is in the Ultimate Pack (the December 2015 one) and in the Complete pack. You can find it here:!9RpBiI7J!i6JhX64T61YxzelsBjNnCVXIEpYX6aVVwTDF1fZsxKs
      >The Yowapeda movies are all in the 06.2016 Ext.
      >The Japan Animator Expo icon is in the Complete pack:!xZIXHZZS!DDVAC7ngKhZC09szxn_4ypWvtxoUOcWnQSDyP4q1TwM
      >Arslan Senki is covered as well. The OVA:!wJ5WACxb!sF7XbSA1B0MlqrRnENHC_lOxvxzT2XO1rB9QHgAqzg0
      The series:!lZZCGYxD!OBZ8RNzCv-i-f05LeOClkf0-3qyiWsnPOV1rGHmYe74

      You're right ablut the others but we also have a manga icon for Excel Saga in the Manga folder;!dFIkHTKC!OUGfmMn6NcrGzAbsLMaPP6T8MOzDgCY4sI7Umh3dSzs

    2. Wow the formatting got all fucked up. Oh well.

  3. Still no WWW.Working? Or am I just blind?

    1. No you're absolutely right. For some reason the icon wasn't in the zip files.
      You can find it here:

      I'll add it to the packs asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    2. Doing gods work! Thanks a bunch

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  6. Another request this time: the music video Shelter. Thanks as always :3

  7. I'd like to request an Icon for Getsuyoubi no Tawawa.
    At least I haven't found it.

  8. Just saying, I'm trying to grab the summer pack since I seem to have missed it somehow, and the links are dead. Same for the full Mega folder, and the torrent isn't seeded. Talking glowless here. Can you please check what's up with that?

    1. So sorry about that, I should check the links more ofter (or at all). I removed the older stuff altogether so you won't find the Summer packs anymore. I did however replace the MEGA links for the complete packs, you can find all the icons you need there.
      Again, really sorry about the inconvenience.

    2. No problem.

      By the way, there's one icon I'd like to request for Danganronpa 3 Kibou-hen (which happens to be a piece of shit). If you can't find a key art or something you can just make an alt to Mirai-hen, it'd work too. Thanks in advance.