Thursday, August 31, 2017



And it's all thanks to you.
This project started as a personal thing: I wanted to make my anime library look better and while the logo icons made by pokemon trainer looked good, they weren't what I was looking for.
Fun fact: this project is the whole reason why I made SquareAnon my alias (at first, it was Square Folder Icon Anon), and I'm using it for my other online ventures as well (like my fansub group and my gamedev identity).

What better time to release new, updated, overhauled and fixed Complete Packs than this? So here they are:

(MEGA links coming soon)

Where has the time gone?
Since we made a bunch of fixes and edits (mostly to correct inconsistencies between packs, better organize the icons etc.), we suggest you download these packs even if you already have the older ones.

As of now, we have reached a grand total of 5,182 ANIME ICONS and 1,342 MANGA ICONS (plus some cartoons, VNs and video game icons). 
I mean, holy shit. I remember starting of with the first pack of 747 icons (okay, I didn't remember the number so I redownloaded it to check) and it was a mess full of doubles, misspelled names, etc. not to mention that it was only available in [Glow] version.

It's been a long long way and I wouldn't have made it here alone, so I want to thank all the collaborators and anons who contributed with their own icons during these four years. You have my full appreciation.

But our real adventure has only just begun!
-- Thank you for your support during the years. Look forward to SquareAnon's next work.
Just kidding, we have no intention to stop here of course. We'll keep going as long as anime and manga keep being made. And hopefully, that means we'll never stop.
So requests are always welcome, as are anonymous contributions (the link to the Mediafire folder where you can upload your icons is in the All the Links page). Of course, if any of you is interested in becoming a 'full time' collaborator, we'll welcome you with open arms. Just say the word.

In conclusion, thank you for supporting and keeping this project alive, and I hope you will stick with us a bit longer.


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  2. Yo, thanks for doing this btw. I'm pretty shit tier at photoshop so you help a lot lol

  3. I remember when Pokemon Trainer started his icon packs (I was in the first thread), after a short time I saw someone else using the square icons. It seems like I was another one that preferred the square ones. I've also been contributing to the packs as well, about 5-6 series per season for shows that you didn't have icon. Keep it up!

  4. Huge thanks for the update, but is it possible we could get a mega download link? There are no seeders on the Glow torrent. I left it on all night and downloaded 0.3% by morning.

  5. Yeah I also need a mega link because I am having the same problem as Jordan Sparkes. Or if not a mega link, maybe you can reseed it for us? Thanks for all your work this whole time :)

  6. Love you guys!
    As 2 comments mentioned above, we really need Mega links. No one is seeding torrents anymore :(

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