Monday, September 25, 2017

SAFIP Ext. (2017.09)

And here we go again.
This pack contains most of the upcoming tv shows, movies and OVAs. If we missed any you need, feel free to request. Of course this goes for any anime or manga we haven't covered, old or new.

On a side note, this time I tried linking folders instead of zip files, tell me which one you prefer. If the majority wants the zips back, I'll update the links.


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  2. Would love a RobotxLaserbeam manga icon if you have time

  3. got some anime requests for some older more obscure stuff

    Desert Rose
    Genesis Survivor Gaiarth
    Scramble Wars
    Ten Little Gall Force
    Apfelland Monotagari
    Z Mind
    Cleopatra DC
    Demon Lord Dante
    Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora
    Kekko Kamen
    Al Caral no Issa
    Neo Ranga
    Wanna Be's

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  5. May I request Kamen Rider Build please?

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